Wolf bait

Apparently a wolf followed me much of the distance from West thumb to Old Faithful on the 24th. I had heard him and his pack howling behind me hours before I arrived in Old Faithful. At one point I Heard one distinct wolf howl Close enough behind me that when I turned around I expected to see sparkling eyes.

Apparently the snow coaches and snowmobiles saw this wolf following me about 2 miles back. Several of the people in the groups pressed their guides and or drivers to turn around and warn me about it.

All of the guides told them that once the wolf saw it was a human it would turn and run. Or at least say forget it. But you never know. 🙂

It was a big enough hit that the ranger at west thumb told me the story.

It was odd because coming back to west thumb today I saw wolf tracks all along the road over the passes. At least that one wolf traveled a long way.

I even saw several sent markings along the road and I thought it was for other animals and wolves.

Apparently those markings were to match my markings. However I wasn’t making them properly.

I do know how to do it correctly now though.

My bigger concern where the grizzly tracks us all along the side. There were many places where there’re obvious tracks just like over at Old Faithful. After seeing very fresh tracks at Old Faithful while I was skiing I decided to turn around.

Best not to be converted to lunch.


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  1. Kelly says:

    I hear the wolves are curious, maybe after the shock of finding out one was following you…maybe kinda cool. Bears on the other hand should be sleeping by now, I guess one stayed up past bed time. Just be safe and know…..your an inspiration!

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