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Winter Camping Below Freezing Stove Failure Cold Tent No Fire

I take you into a frozen forest solo. Camping alone is not for everyone, especially camping alone in the winter. There are real dangers like stove failure, fires, animals, storms, injuries, and gear failure. I had several equipment failures on this trip which was good. I learned what was broken and needs to be replaced or repaired.
Do not go out camping solo in winter without proper training. You can be hurt or worse.

0:00 Fuel leak
0:05 The forest
0:58 Experience a winter forest
2:33 Setting up camp
4:20 Loading the tent
6:30 Cooking
7:38 Pump failure
9:20 Pump fix
10:16 Fire
12:23 Dirty snow
13:44 Smartphone in winter
14:42 Stove and pot
16:10 Cleaning dishes
16:58 Personal maintenance
18:05 Night prep
20:48 Nightmares
22:33 Good morning!
24:19 Sleeping bag drying
25:03 Breakfast
25:13 Decamp
27:04 Snowshoes
28:01 Winter forest
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