Weight loss

The big question everyone wants to know us how much weight I lost. When I arrived in Chile, I weighed 170 pounds (77kg). After an 80 day expedition where 1/3 of my calories went bad in the last 2 weeks, I returned to the States weighing 145 pounds (66kg).


Amazingly, the loss did not occur until the last few weeks of the expedition. The problem became apparent when the towing harness began cutting into my waist, causing incessant trouble with my right hip. An adjustment of an inch was the difference between pain and relative comfort with the towing harness.

For so long, I had no problems with any of my traces or harness. However, once the irritation began, the chafing and pressure became increasingly distracting and problematic to the point where, by the end of the day, I was constantly fiddling to make things comfortable. Many times it got to the point of suffering with low grade discomfort rather than making an adjustment and having things become even worse.

A loss of 25 pounds (11kg) is not all that bad compared to the 2011-2012 season where some expeditioners lost upwards of 44 pounds (20kg). If I had dropped that much weight, making the pole would have been exceedingly troublesome.

As an interesting note, a pound of fat on humans is worth approximately 3500 calories. That means over the time I was losing weight, I was short roughly 87,500 calories. That wasn’t good but once the butter went rancid, there wasn’t much to do but thin out.

Living in America will make it easier to gain the weight back, though. All I have to do us over-eat by 1 apple sauce cup a day to gain a pound in a month. As I’m over-eating by way more than that, I’ll be chunked back up in no time.

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