Website major upgrade

The website has received a major upgrade and it’s moving along well.  Originally, my site contained Website upgradeinformation for my photography, expeditions, book and cinematography.  After feedback I received from my editor, I realized this was not going to work any more.  For anyone interested in one of the above topics, the blog was not confusing to follow as a thread.  If you wanted to know more about my photography and classes, you would be clicking through the blog and all of the sudden find a review on tents or some such thing.  That caused a real high drop rate.

Now, my original site has been broken apart into several sites:

One thing you’ll note is the TVL Video page is not part of my original site.  As I run and manage my dad’s video production company TVL Video website, I felt the need to refresh that site.  It is still a development in progress.  My cinematography work is posted and hosted there, so feel free to take a look around.  We do great video work and can produce any commercial or presentation you need for your company, personal need, product or cause.

I believe this will be more efficient and enjoyable for everyone searching for my photography, information about expeditions and the like.  Now each site will have a consistent theme and topic.  Hopefully this will be more enjoyable for clients and blog readers to follow.

Please note that I will leave all the original blog posts on each site, but future postings will be site specific.  There is a lot of information in each page that people search for, like my articles for lens reviews and iPod to car conversions.


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