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Way beyond a polar explorer and motivational speaker

Aaron worked in the corporate trenches for two decades. He delivered the impossible, often working through the night. Aaron shares how to avoid burnout and being overwhelmed.

Aaron delivers an experience like no other. His stories from Antarctica and the Arctic focus on the audience, providing them with a vision of how to overcome the odds, survive, and thrive.


Virtual events are compelling, engaging, and will keep your audience glued to their seats.
Captivate your staff around the globe in multiple time zones watching anywhere.

Why Create a Virtual Event Now?

Create a connection between your staff in multiple locations across your organization.


Give your teams something common to talk about and refer back to when times are tough.


Your company or association will enjoy laughs, thrills, and surprises as they watch Aaron deliver his keynote

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All of Aaron’s programs are available for virtual online delivery!

Let’s set up a LIVE call with your team and clients to show you exactly what it will look like.

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