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Video testimonials by Aaron’s clients

Callie Elliott (Springfield, OR Chamber of Commerce)

“I thought the presentation was very unique.”
— Callie Elliott, Springfield, OR Chamber of Commerce

Rob Godfrey (Utah Event Planner)

“I felt like the content Aaron delivered was right to the point.”
— Rob Godfrey, Utah Meeting Planner

Paige Sharpe (Springfield, OR Chamber of Commerce)

“Aaron is easy to work with. He responds quickly.”
— Paige Sharpe, Springfield, OR, Chamber of Commerce

Terry Butts (Utah Public Employee)

“I thought the message was very applicable to everyone that attended.”
— Terry Butts, Utah Public Employee

Brent Turley (Institute of Transportation Engineers Utah)

“Your really customized the presentation to the topic of the conference.”
— Brent Turley, Institute of Traffic Engineers (ITE) Utah

Joey Parker, Huntsman Cancer Institute

“The journeys that Aaron has gone on really did teach us some lessons about what we do here.”
— Joey Parker, Associate HR Director, Huntsman Cancer Institute

Rachel Jenkins, Huntsman Cancer Institute

“Aaron tailored it to fit with what’s going on.”
— Rachel Jenkins, Administrative Assistant, Huntsman Cancer Institute

Maj. Rashida Graves, USAF, MEPS, 3rd Battalion

“He ended up tailoring his normal presentations to what we needed here at the MEPS. I thought he did a very fantastic job.”

[1 year later] “My crew here in Butte enjoyed your presentation so much that they still talk about it.”
— Maj. Rashida Graves, USAF, Commander Butte MEPS 3rd Battalion

Lea Peterson, Wyoming Recognition Days, TOPS

“I found his message to be inspiring. He was able to tailor his message to exactly what we needed.”
— Lea Peterson, Chair, WY Recognition Days, TOPS Club

Isabelle Billerey-Rayel, European Business Manager, Dalim Software GmbH (Germany)

“I just loved it. What you did is just tremendous. I think this just shows the power of yourself and human beings. What [he] told us was really the story of life.”
— Isabelle Billerey-Rayel, European Business Manager, Dalim Software GmbH

Christian Blaise, CEO of Bleupoint (France)

“This is something new for us. It was really inspiring and the people really liked it.”
— Christian Blaise, CEO of Bleupoint

Paul Wagner, Dalim Software GmbH (Germany)

“I think with this kind of mentality, you can better manage your team.”
— Paul Wagner, Dalim Software GmbH

Vic Cansolino, VP Catalog Retail Sales, LSC Communications (formerly R.R. Donnelly)

“What really differentiated Aaron’s presentation was that he not only spoke about his amazing adventure and all of the challenges that it entailed, but he tied it back in with the challenges of our specific business industry as well as challenges that we face in our personal lives.”
— Vic Cansolino, LSC Communications

Neil Malicoat, Safety Manager, Ciner Wyoming (soda ash mining)

“In bringing Aaron Linsdau to talk at the end of our annual MSHA refresher, our employees have been very upbeat, very positive about his message that he sends.”
— Neil Malicoat, Safety Manager, Ciner Wyoming

Pamela Schenk, Director of Planning and Administration, Gravure Association of Americas

“I’m very pleased with how everything turned out. We are very pleased with what Aaron delivered. We would definitely would hire him again and recommend him.”
— Pamela Schenk, Gravure Association of Americas

Jeffrey Hill, President, Horizon Paper

“His message of perseverance and attitude was something that was well received by our group. For me, it was a wonderful experience and something that I will remember for a long time.”
— Jeffrey Hill, President, Horizon Paper

John Owens, Learning and Organizational Development Trainer, Ciner Wyoming (soda ash mining company)

“Aaron was very easy to work with. He helped us set up a great schedule. He was able to adjust his keynote work for us. The feedback from the message was phenomenal.”
— John Owens, Ciner Wyoming

Lunden Maestas, Future Business Leaders of America

“Aaron was a wonderful person to work with.  He got back with me within an hour of when I contacted him. It was just a really fun experience.”
— Lunden Maestas, FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) Colorado District 6

Jeiremy Gomez, Safety Specialist, EMT, Ciner Wyoming (soda ash mining)

“The biggest takeaway that I think our people really hit home with them is how much their personal safety decisions means to them. When you’re trying to teach a safety culture, and you’re trying to get everybody to think as a group, and to be safe as a group, that’s a really strong message.”
— Jeiremy Gomez, Ciner Wyoming

Lieutenant Colonel Roy Eichler, US Army Retired

“I think I’ve done a lot of [tough things], but I haven’t done near what I’ve seen that Aaron has done.”
— Lieutenant Colonel Roy Eichler, US Army Retired

Adrian Hackett, CEO and Scout Executive of the West Tennessee Boy Scout Council

“Aaron did a fantastic talk. He communicated very well back and forth leading up to and through the event.”
— Adrian Hackett, CEO and Scout Executive of the West Tennessee Boy Scout Council

Susie Blair, Valley of the Tetons Library, Driggs Branch Librarian

“Aaron did an awesome job with the presentation. Aaron gave real-life practicality to an expedition that probably none of us will ever be on, but we all can learn from it. Aaron did a great job.”
— Susie Blair, Branch Librarian, Valley of the Tetons Library

Sue O’Connor, Driggs, Idaho public coordinator

“Aaron was very inspiring and funny. I would love to hear him speak more. When I looked around at the audience, everybody was very engaged and inspired by what he had to stay. His talk continued to generate a lot of interest. His grit is inspiring. I think we need more speakers like that who can remind us of what we can do. I would definitely recommend Aaron as a motivational speaker. He has a fun way of entertaining.”
— Sue O’Connor, Community Organizer, Driggs, ID

Valerie Maginnis, Director of Teton County Library

“Aaron’s presentation was truly inspiring in that here’s an individual that challenged himself to his highest potential and was alone in that venture, having to rely on his fortitude, his strength, his creativity. Yes, I would certainly recommend Aaron as a motivational speaker to organizations and to age groups at all levels. His engaging personality, his approachability, and Aaron have a knack with people.”
— Valerie Maginnis, Director of Teton County Library

“It was a fantastic presentation. The students were completely captivated by his presentation. I would absolutely recommend Aaron. I was impressed with his ability to adapt to our younger students. His message is universal about persevering and finding your passion.”
— Shannon Shuptrine, Lower School Director Journeys School of Teton Science Schools

Miranda Bear, Human Resources Officer, O’Chiese First Nation

“With the video that Aaron presented, and the obstacles that he faced, we face challenges in everyday life and that we should never give up—it was the message we really wanted him to emphasize during the training. Aaron’s message was exactly what we needed for our retreat. Yes I would recommend Aaron as a speaker.”
— Miranda Bear, Human Resources Officer, Business Center, O’Chiese First Nation, Alberta, Canada

Steve Lizarraga, Director of student support services, Sweetwater Union High School District Former principal (Chula Vista High, Southwest Middle), assistant principal, teacher.

“Having that message come across to all the students saying this is an example of the challenges that you have. They’re going to share that message with friends and family.”
— Steve Lizarraga, Sweetwater Union High School District

Shelby Elkes, program coordinator of corporate sales, Red Deer College, Alberta, Canada

“No matter what anyone else to you about what you can and cannot do, it was about persevering through that and telling yourself that you can succeed in no matter what you think you can do. This was specific for leadership and it captured the audience.”
— Shelby Elkes,Red Deer College, Alberta, Canada

Lee Romero, Principal Southwest High School

“Aaron’s words were so pogniant, appropriate, and motivating for them to take the next step.”
— Lee Romero, Principal Southwest High School

Rick Lakin, Owner iCrewDigital Publications, retired teacher, Toastmasters Advanced Communicator Gold, Video Producer

“Aaron’s presentation motivated the kids. It was a positive experience for everyone in the room. He’s a good motivational speaker.”
— Rick Lakin, iCrew Publishing

Bill Keys, US Customs Officer, San Ysidro Point of Entry, BSA Troop 866, Imperial Beach, CA

“I loved it. Aaron inspires everybody that he’s around.”
— Bill Keys, US Customs Officer

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