Value of the workout log

The workout log has again proven its value.

After finishing the 1:20 towing session, I loaded in my pedometer data to see

Average tire tow speed

Average tire tow speed

where I am in terms of performance.  It looks like I’m reaching a plateau in travel speed.  Once I add the hill from El Camino Real to Skyline Dr on Tamarack in Carlsbad, my speed drops a full 0.5 mph.

That’s huge!

But the hill is huge, too.

Concerned about this drop, I grabbed the data from all of my towing workout from August until today and then plotted my speed.  I was elated!  The plot clearly shows that my speed has slowly increased over the last four months.

Training does pay off.  This will make a big difference going to Yellowstone this year.  Last year, I towed a torn up tire a few times around the block, doing maybe a mile each time.  Although those sessions did help, there was no comparison to what I’m doing now.

Improving technique, skill and consistency are critical to polar exploration.  If one doesn’t put in the time for training, it’s just not possible to travel for very long distances and have a good start.  Getting up to speed a few weeks in the trip is a recipe for serious trouble.

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Hello from Antarctica. Day 5 of travel. Camp position, South 80 degrees 09 decimal 704 minutes position West 080 degrees 34 decimal 451 minutes. Distance traveled 3 nautical miles, time

Audio DispatchAudio Dispatch

Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 54. Camp Position South 86 degrees 06 decimal 045 minutes, position West 082 degrees 03 decimal 268 minutes. Time of travel 9 hours, distance traveled