Updated log

The expedition training log has been updated.  Here are the highlights since I began logging in January.  My heavier training began in earnest in April, 6 months ahead as suggested by Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions.


Dist (mi) Time Speed avg (min/mi) Steps Steps/mile
307.16 45.6 9.09 397488 1323
Miles Hours

Bike Riding:

Distance Time Speed (mi/hr)
268.34 23.99 11
Miles Hours

Tire towing:

Distance Time Speed (min/mi) Steps Steps/mile
165.61 63.6 22.3 307035 1839.3
Miles Hours

Weight lifting:


This training is like everything else.  If you keep up doing what you should be, you’ll be able to rack up the miles, time or whatever you’re after.  But it requires the dedication to do it.

Don’t give yourself excuses not to work out.  You’ll dust the baseboards, put away dishes or organize those recipes as a “reason”.  Really, would you like to feel better physically and feel better about yourself?  Build the confidence that you can reach a goal you’ve set.  Then get out there and put other junk off.  Keep your body in tune and listen to it.  For if you give up your health, what else will you have?

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