Union Tribune column

Thank you very much to Tom Pfingsten at the Union Tribune in San Diego for

UT article follow-up

UT article follow-up

the follow-up column on my Antarctica Expedition.  I had the pleasure of meeting Tom when I was living in Carlsbad.  He came down and did a photo shoot and interview of me while I was towing my tire around the neighborhood.

Now that the Union Tribune purchased the Californian and the North County Times, hopefully there will be much better coverage of all of San Diego and south Riverside County (Temecula et. al.).

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The Tom Pfingsten over at North County Times both interviewed and photographed me today. Their article is slated to run Saturday, June 16, 2012.

Radio Interview KID-AM

Thank you to Neal Larson of KID-AM and FM out of Idaho Falls for the radio interview earlier this week. We talked about the Idaho Total Eclipse Guide. This book

PCF Articles

The Prostate Cancer Foundation and Athletes for a Cure have posted two very nice articles about the Antarctica expedition, training, and part of the back-story. You can read about the