Tyre dragging vs the chain

After tearing through 3/16 chain in a half hour, I decided I needed to step it up with a

Ground through heavy chain

much heavier chain.  For this 40 minute session, I dropped by Home Depot this morning and purchased some beefy chain.

As I’ve seen others use chains to drag their tires (tyres for you Brits), I went with that.  This time I got some good, heavy chain in hopes that physics would somehow make the chain last much longer.

I was wrong.

At least I know that if I’m chained to something and I can move that something, it won’t take a terrible amount of effort to relieve myself of my shackles.  There are two major problems with the idea.

  • Dragging myself on concrete or blacktop
  • Dragged chains get burning hot

Todd Charmichael’s video shows him dragging a tire with a chain along a sidewalk in his neighborhood.  This was in anticipation of going to Antarctica.  I liked the look of the chain on the tire.  It looked tough and I like the look.  Plus it allows me to change things around.  However, burning a bunch of money on chains that are destroyed in a single tire dragging session is a waste of money.  The nice part of the chain is I can roll the tire around and not have a problem.

My previous solution was to put an eyebolt through the tire.  Then only the tire is ground off.  But, the eyebolt prevents me from easily rolling the tire around.  And punching through the old tred on the tire is tough – the steel belt is a beast and will punch holes in fingers.

It looks like another trip to Home Depot to buy parts to just do training. Eye bolts, here I come.

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