Tulsa Oklahoma (TUL) Airport Tour – Prepare for Flying

Aaron tours you through the different concourses at Tulsa Oklahoma International Airport (TUL). He does a hyperlapse tour and a 2x regular speed walkthrough of the entire airport past security. Once you get past TSA, what will you expect to see at the airport? He shows Concourses A and B.

Aaron filmed this episode using the DJI Osmo Pocket.
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Includes highlighted airport map to help orient you.

0:00? Intro
1:01? Entry to Walkway to B arrivals
1:22? B side ticketing back toward A side ticketing
1:38? A side ticketing to A side arrivals
1:51? A side arrivals to rental cars to B side arrivals to B side baggage claim
2:32? B side to B gates
2:58? End of B gates to security exit
4:55? End of B gates to security exit
5:26? End of A gates to security exit

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