Truck modifications

In anticipation of moving, I needed to take care of the suspension on my truck. For some reason, the back started bottoming out when I was carrying people and going across driveway entrances. I did not want to damage anything by hitting those rubber stops on the chassis.

There were lots of options but it came down to adding air bumpers between the chassis and leaf springs or adding a leaf spring helper. Even though the guy in me wanted to add the air stop support, I’d knew in the future I would regret having to fool around with that stuff. So, I went with the non-technical and zero maintenance option – helpers.

Off Road Warehouse in Escondido did the work for me. It took about an hour to do the whole thing and it was not that expensive at all. Looking at it, I wish I would’ve added this long ago.

Those bars do add an inch and a half to the rear, giving the truck a lift. As I have the off-road Bilstein shocks on there already, lifting the front by 2 1/2 inches, giving the truck an aggressive pre-runner look, the rear addition reverted the truck to a classical forward rake.

I do miss the lifted front look, but I do not miss bottoming out when running over things. I can now drive with impunity again. That is one of the purposes of getting a 4 x 4, right?

My biggest worry was that I will soon be driving around the backwoods of Wyoming in the true middle of nowhere. I did not want to damage something in the wilderness and have to march 10 miles for help, then pay a bucket of money to get my vehicle out. I am sure that I will get stuck somehow and have to spend quite a bit of time getting it out as is. 4×4 is code speak for longer walk.

But at least it won’t be because my rear suspension bottomed out, wrecking something.


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