Towing in hail and lightning

Towing in hail and lightning was a good physical and mental exercise for the challenges I’m going to face down south.  I wasn’t too worried about the lightning, as I didn’t see any cloud to ground strikes.  However, with clouds just overhead, that can change in an instant.


I hid under a tree on the side of the road for a moment to grab my iPhone to get this little video clip when my boots almost took a little swim.  The heavier rain and hail above me on the hill began channeling down the side of the road, creating a mini-flash flood.  Nothing too severe, just something to get my footwear muddy.

When you spend time in the desert and you see storm clouds over the far-away mountains, you always keep watch because that moving water can come up on you in an instant.  This looked just like something out of the desert, minus the hail.

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