The ultimate pen?

This is the ultimate pen.  There have been many others but there can only be One.  This is

Fischer space pen

Fischer space pen

it.  Of the few I’ve used, the M4B Military Version is my favorite edition.  It has served me for years in north Africa, China, Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, Greenland and other inhospitable places.  As the advertisement says, it can write from -30 deg F to 250 deg F without problem, as well as underwater, upside down and through grease.  I’ve tested 3 of the specifications and found them to be solid.

No, I don’t plan on testing the pen at 250 deg F.  It’s not likely I’ll be alive at that temperature, so this will all be moot.  And I am avoiding being moot.  But, in Yellowstone in 2009, I found I had a little trouble with the pen writing.  That was because it was -45 deg F – below zero.  The pen started hopping and the ink wasn’t coming out as well as I had expected.  But it still was working well enough to write something to document the experience.  I held the pen in my hand for a minute to warm it up to a toasty -20 deg F and all was well again.  Incredible!  It was writing silky smooth again.

Aside – At this moment, I have realized that none of my Yellowstone expedition notes, journals or anything has been posted to my website.  Life’s little distractions have a way of doing that.  That problem will be fixed soon enough.

I’ll post a demonstration of the abilities of this pen coupled with Rite in the Rain notebooks in the next blog entry.  Suffice to say, my continued alteration of life will ramp up even more.

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