A taste of sidewalk

It looks like a wonderful morning to go for a run. 64 deg outside. Overcast to keep the

iPod took the bullet

iPod took the bullet

sun away. What better thing to do then eat sidewalk?

That is one thing I have noticed about running in the Five Finger shoes – I tend to snag my toes and stumble more. It may be because I’m leading with my toes instead of my heels.  As a consequence, I’ve tripped more than once but haven’t ever gone down.  Until today.

There’s nothing like running along and all of the sudden disappearing from view.  Maybe the guy across the street distracted me just enough and, in my distraction, I didn’t pay enough attention to the curb I was hopping.  Analyzing what happened in post action really isn’t useful other than to learn that sometimes you just eat sidewalk.

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