The Tamarack Crawl

Once I realized the top of my foot was bugging me, I knew I needed to lay off the running for a few days.  No need to get really hurt by turning something slightly annoying into a major catastrophe.

So instead, I chose to ride over one of my favorite hills in Carlsbad several times.  I’ve

Tamarack elevation profile

Tamarack elevation profile

written about the grade on Tamarack before but this time I captured the elevation plot on my Garmin GPS 62s.  Having it was nice because I was able to see how much total climbing was done.  That information allows me to gauge where I am in terms of strength and speed by looking at the total climb and how long it takes me to complete it.

For this particular day, I chose to do 5 runs up and over the hill to Carlsbad Middle School and then back again.  Each time my speed improves.  Somehow, going up that steep hill never seems easy no matter how fast I’m going, though.  But at least for the first two passes, I was able to keep above 6 MPH all the way up.  That was pretty surprising to me.  By the end, I’m having difficulty keeping above 5 MPH.

Since my bike’s front crank is geared more for speed than hill climbing, this isn’t too bad of a feat.  It’s not like I’ll be tackling the Pyrenees on the Tour any time soon but it’s a good measure.

I felt pretty good getting home.  But, being fatigued, one doesn’t always think straight.  I was reaching around to power down the GPS but didn’t have both feet unclipped from my peddles.

Down I went!  Bam.



No serious harm was done, but now I had a sore, scraped up knee and a bruised hand on top of already having a sore foot.  So my idea of taking the load off one area of my body ended up costing somewhere else anyway.  I’m good today but still.  Over 1800 miles on my bike, I’ve had 3 zero speed crashes now.  Not bad.  I guess.

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