Testing Pocketwizard FlexTT5 units

While testing my Pocketwizard FlexTT5 units, I ended up capturing a shot of my parents’ cat playing gecko on their wall. Gecko cat Most of the shots while testing were to figure out power, control and distance abilities of these new units.  This was the only fun image I came up with.

The FlexTT5 do not have the range of the Plus III.  They seem only to work out reliably to 40 feet.  I’m still debating keeping them.

Though they give me the ability to do shots I couldn’t do without them, the limited range of the FlexTT5 unit leaves me wanting.  The range is certainly better than the optical built into the Nikon SB910, but it’s just not as far as I was hoping.  Many other reviewers talk about the short range, too.  The advantage of the FlexTT5 over the Plus III is the ability to control remote flash unit power, something the Plus III cannot do.

I’ll post more discussions of these Pocketwizard units as I come up with things.

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