Strobe Photo Advanced Control

Strobe Photo – Advanced Control

Strobe lighting slideIn Strobe Photography: Technical and Artistic Control, students will delve deeply into lighting control, management, and decision making.

Once you have the basics of camera management down, it is time to add lighting to your bag of tools. This course takes you through a vast array of concepts, techniques, and tricks to improve your photography.


This class is not just about studio or table-top photography, though. Anyone who is interested in making their photos better will learn a great deal from the class. This course focuses on the technical aspects of strobe photography. As photographers, we strive to make the best images possible. If there is the chance to control the lighting of the subject, background, and ambient balance, a skilled photographer will do it.

Even though existing light makes for some of the most stunning photographs known, managed lighting provides the extra artistic control. Understanding how lighting works with easy to handle, portable strobes gives a photographer infinitely more control than someone who says, “I only photograph with existing light.” More often than not, this photographer is someone who is just uncomfortable with managing their lighting and accepts what exists.

If you want to add the artistic snap to your photographs, then this is the course to take. After going through the course exercises, you will be much more confident with your lighting and knowing what to do in any number of situations. Instead of waiting and hoping for something to happen, you will be able to make something happen in your images. This is the difference between someone who just takes snaps and someone who makes great photographs.dsc_d47065-1075-grapes

Topics include

  • Specular highlight control
  • Shadow transition management
  • Texture rendition
  • Twilight and ambient balance
  • Managing the sun as a second light source
  • Gobos, grids, snoots, and gels

Official course description

This course will take you through the process of controlling off-camera strobes (flashes) and provide a more comprehensive study of light, its qualities and characteristics.  You will be given an in-depth analysis how and why light works in photography using strobes.  The class will begin with lighting basics and then take you through a series of strobe-based images to provide an organic understanding of lighting control.  The class will feature live demonstrations to improve understanding from the ground up.

While having a camera & flash in class is not required, students will find having them helpful.

Note: This class is for students who own or plan to own a flash and are comfortable with their camera controls. If you are looking for an introductory course, where Aaron takes you through the basics of strobe lighting, you may want to consider Introduction to Off-Camera Strobe Photography. After that, we highly recommend this course as a follow on to expand your creative potential.


“If I did not see you demonstrate that, I never would have believed it.”

“Now I know how to manage the power of my light in exact stop measurements. It never would have occurred to me to do it that way.”

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