Strobe flash introduction class

I enjoyed teaching the first class in my series on strobe flash photography techniques.  In this class, I’m

Aaron instructing strobe photography

Aaron instructing strobe photography

teaching the basics of getting the strobe (flash) off the camera and making some really interesting images with it.  It’s been a long time since I learned and it’s good to check my skills.  It’s fun to bring other photographers into the fold of managing their light and making far better images.

One of the students said:

I really wish I would have had this information last week.  I could have made much better images when I photographed the Wilson [Wyoming] snow sculptures last week.

It was good to know I was teaching very useful and timely information to these photographers.  As as in instructor, I always have to mindful that not everyone knows these techniques and that I have to be completely patient.  If the students aren’t understanding my explanations, it’s because I’m not explaining it properly.  The onus of understanding is on me, not the student.

2 thoughts on “Strobe flash introduction class”

  1. Vicki Linsdau says:

    Glad your class went wel, hope your students had fun!

    1. Aaron says:

      They seem to be getting a lot out of it.

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