Still on this side

My legs and cardio are still on what I call this side of the Rubicon.  The Roman reference is very loose but it works for where I want to be.  Once you hit a certain level of being able to do something, you don’t want to slip back and have to repeat the grueling part just to get back where you were.

That’s no fun.

What is fun is staying at that new level and trying to push past it.  Without getting hurt, that is.

This morning’s tire towing session was excellent after having a sniffle on Sunday and Monday.  It was 50 degrees out and I was sweating up a storm in shorts and t-shirt.  That’s a good workout morning.

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Updated logUpdated log

The expedition training log has been updated.  Here are the highlights since I began logging in January.  My heavier training began in earnest in April, 6 months ahead as suggested