Still on this side of the Rubicon

After this morning’s tire tow, I found that my legs have stayed on the


Crossing the Rubicon

positive side of my training event last week.  After my hamstrings bothered me all week, everything felt great for this morning’s 40 minute tire towing session.

My biggest concern is that my legs would become sore and I would have to hobble home.  Instead, I realized I was dragging the tire faster uphill, if not ever so slightly.

It was difficult to tell if it was just the tire starting to wear thin but as I hit the really tough section of the road where I’m really leaning into it, I found the drag to be the same.  And yet I only stopped twice to take a 5 second breather before digging in again.  Sweat still poured off of me and my pulse hit 120, about right for this level, but nothing gave out.

That was an excellent feeling.  The most important thing is staying on this side of the training.  Strangely, whenever I’ve trained up another level, falling back down was unnoticeable.  It’s only when you try to redo the previous feat and you have trouble do you realize that you have to go again to get to that level.

As I’m committed to making great time in Yellowstone this year, I don’t plan on dropping back.  The most important goal is to keep stepping it up and remain injury free.

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