Snow shovel

For some time now, I was going to go with the Black Diamond deploy 3 shovel. It is light and compact and inspires confidence because the handle is totally solid. It does not jiggle around at all.


Black Diamond Deploy 3: 581 grams / 1 lb 4.5 oz

Eddie Bauer Shovel: 555 grams / 1 lb 3.6 oz

Then yesterday, I found the Eddie Bauer shovel. It is about 1 ounce lighter but almost a foot taller. The sections jiggle around a bit but it does not feel like it has any flex, giving it a chance to break.

Since I am going to be shoveling snow every day for 90 days, the Black Diamond one will make me kneel in the snow, while the Eddie Bauer shovel will allow me to stand up shoveling snow to cover my tent.

Down in Antarctica, I need to shovel snow around the rim of my tent to keep the wind out. Since the wind blasts so bad down there, any rise in the fly of the tent can cause serious problems. So, I need to shovel every day.

I wish Jackson had some snow so I could test these two out and see what I like. I think I’m going to go with the Eddie Bauer version because it will help not kill my back after hard day of towing. That is a bonus plus being lighter.

This is just like cutting the end of the toothbrush. Since I’m going to be using the toothbrush about 180 times, I am not going to cripple it by cutting the handle. Something I has to use constantly needs to be fully functional.

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