Snow lodge

Made old faithful in the ultimate 18 mile slog over a mountain. Hearing wolves in the morning then getting closer at my back tonite was priceless if not scary.

The reported grizzly around here is much more frightening though.



3 thoughts on “Snow lodge”

  1. Tom Klinker and Nancy Martin says:


    Saw you on the road then met you when you were eating dinner in front of the fireplace at the Snow Lodge. Wished you safe travels as you left the Snow Lodge this morning. Nancy and I will be keeping up with your progress online. Safe journeys.

  2. Tom Linsdau says:

    Dear wolf bait, pardon me, Aaron, minus 20 should be piece of cake of course I shiver at plus 40 so I do remember 20 below. Amazing how often the unexpected happens, lack of snow, cracked hands, loss of gear etc. Sounds like other expeditions I’ve read about. Saliva is pretty good on cracked fingers if you care to try it. Suck out the poison. I know it sounds gross. So glad I get your blog. I have complete confidence in you. Love, uncle Tom

  3. vicki says:

    Intrepid, Carry on and build memories wherever they take you. Some day that will be the treasure you carry into the winter of life. Love Dad.

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