Small world

Here’s how small a world it can be:

I went to St. Johns Urgent Care in Jackson, WY,  for a medicine travel clinic where I consult with a doctor on what medications I’ll need for three months down on the ice.  Dr. Jim Little was very attentive and brought up several things that I had not even thought of.

I was thinking about something for basic infections, as is want to happen when you are by yourself with no help.  Then, he said there are different drugs for skin, lung, gastro-intestinal and other issues.  So, we took care of that.  He provided (hopefully) ample supplies for the most likely of ailments I might run into while on the expedition.

Great, I’m all set.  This was on Friday.

Then, on Saturday, I was getting my last tow in up Old Teton Pass Road.  It was an 8 hour journey of enjoyable bliss, away from all the stressers and rushing about to tighten up my gear and make sure I’ve not missed anything.  Then, two older gentlemen ride past on

Tow Harness Traces

Tow Harness Traces

their bikes and we strike up a short conversation, as many people do, inquiring about what my sign means and then one of the gentlemen asked where I was from.

I replied, “I was actually born in Jackson, but I’ve been in San Diego for the last 30 years.”

The man then replied, “Oh, then I probably delivered you.”


“Yes, I started my practice here in 1972 and you’re probably…”

“I’m 38.”

“Then yes, there’s a good chance.  I’m Jim, Jim Little.”


“Good to meet you, I’m Aaron Linsdau.”

The two take leave of me and continue their ride up the hill.  I begin pondering what the likelihood that two doctors in the valley have the exact same name.  And their apparent ages allow for them to be related.  So I text my Mom to ask her about a Dr. Little.  She replied back that Dr. Crenshaw delivered me and Dr. Little was my pediatrician.  Holy cow!  I wish I had gotten his number or at least given him my card.

As it turns out that I travel terribly slow dragging my tire, Dr. Little happened to catch up  with me just as I was arriving at the parking lot.  I told him he was my childhood pediatrician and thank you for taking care of me, as I was a very sickly kid.  He took a photo of me and posted it on his blog:

Dr. James Little Sr.’s Blog

So then, I receive an email later that night explaining that in fact he is Dr. James Little SR. and that I had seen his son the other day at the clinic.  He also made a generous donation to my expedition as well and I thank him for that!

Funny how being in a small place like this, nearly 40 years later, affords the opportunity to run into someone who you knew long ago but couldn’t possibly remember now and that again your lives intersected.

Interestingly, Dr. Little Sr. is headed off to Rwanda for 9 months.  I wish him well!


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