Setting up speaking events

Things are beginning to roll with setting up speaking engagements.  I love to

Public speaking and the microphone

Public speaking and the microphone

invigorate audiences and get them excited, not only about what I have done but also, more importantly, what they are doing with their lives.  Although it’s interesting to hear about someone talk about their experiences at the edge of the Earth, listening to a talk can be so much more than that.

One of my goals with speaking about my expedition is to help people look at what their dreams might be or once were and evaluate them.  Maybe this is the first time they’ve heard about someone putting everything on the line to pursue something they’re really passionate about.  I have been blown away by how many people have told me they were inspired to do something after following my expedition.

Others may simply be interested as an armchair adventurer in what it’s really like to ski to the South Pole.  And that’s good, too!  I would have loved the opportunity to listen someone speak about this and have the chance to ask questions afterward.  I always make sure to keep myself available before and after an event in case someone wants to air  their questions in a more personal manner.

I am very excited to connect with the public, sharing what I did and how I handled it all.

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