Running oh running

Oh running, how I missed thee.



Shakespeare, I am not.  However, I am exceedingly happy to be able to run at least short distances again!  Granted, I’m not up for half marathons yet.  But, I will be.  Last summer, I’d go out and do a 12 miler almost every weekend to get my body used to being out for long periods.

For polar expeditioning where you don’t have any choice but to keep trekking, staying inside isn’t an option.  That is, except when the winds get above 50 knots.  Then, I just can’t walk.  Getting hit in the face or other valueable places by ice isn’t a fun activity.

Montgomery Memorial Park, CA Historic Marker 711

Montgomery Memorial Park, CA Historic Marker 711

I’m enjoying the time I’ve been spending with my dad out at Montgomery Waller park, running up and down those hills.  It’s not like running at the beach, but the ocean can be seen from the top of the park.

Now, I’ve added wind sprints (suicides) to the mix to up the leg agility.  That’s one thing I learned in Antarctica – being able to handle incessantly varying landscape is important.  My ankles took a constant pounding from the skis slipping down the edges of sastrugi.  The Alfa Mordre Pro boots were excellent but they just don’t offer ankle support.  As a consequence, I had to strengthen them up doing ankle alphabets.

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