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Rome Italy FCO Airport Tour Rome US Flights

I tour you through Rome’s main airport, FCO, for US-bound passengers. This covers most of the airport minus some of the remote terminals (E31-44, E51-65). I just ran out of time, this airport is huge!
I show you concourse A E in both regular walking speed and hyperlapse. Once you get past security, what will you expect to see at the airport? Once you leave the A gates into the E gates, you go through customs/immigration and you cannot return to the A gates!!!

I filmed this episode using the DJI Osmo Pocket.
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Includes highlighted airport map to help orient you.

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0:00 Introduction
0:39 Getting to US bound security
1:01 T1 Concourse to A83
8:24 A83 to A1 Junction, 2X speed
12:46 A83 to A1-A10 and E Junction
14:45 Junction with E to A1-A10
18:32 A10 to A/E Junction
21:01 A/E Junction to Customs/Immigration
21:50 Past Customs through Duty Free
23:27 Duty Free to E11-24 / E31-63 Split
25:14 E11-24 / E31-63 Split to E24
30:16 Conclusion

Thank you for watching!

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