Riding and climbing

Over this weekend I was able to get some bike riding done, something I hadn’t done in months. It was great to get out along the coast and tear it up. Or at least try to tear it up.

Bike riding is a very nice training regimen because it’s not as heavy a load as running but it allows you to constantly push yourself and breathe hard without the pummeling.

Then last night I met up with one of my old-time climbing partners and we hit up the local gym for a bouldering session. It’s been so long since I climbed but it really reminds me of what I was missing.

Climbing also exposed some holes in my training regimen. But as I’ve been sick and trying to recover the last couple weeks, I’ve not been working out, trying to get better.

Today I’m feeling pretty good. I’m not hacking up a lung, so I think I’ll give it a full workout and see how my body does.

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