Portrait of a maltese

Mandy to maltese

Mandy to maltese

While I had all of my models bail today, I had to come up with something for posing. Granted, this little model wasn’t exactly going to be strutting down the runway, but she’ll be in the heart of her owner. Making portraits is enjoyable, but it does take a lot of work to make a good image of someone. Or, in this case, something, if a dog can be called that.

The toughest thing about this little maltese Mandy was that, for some reason, she liked to look away once the camera came out. She would only give me flirtatious looks for a second or two that I had to capitalize on.

Sometimes when shooting portraits, it is like that. You only get a second or two to make the shot, then you have to wait a long time to make the next one. And, sometimes, that shot never comes back. That is what’s both frustrating and satisfying about lighting and photographing people or animals. It’s the one split second you get with them where they allow you to try and capture their essence. I want to define them by their image, creating a lasting impression.

At least with people taking a portrait, there is the chance they might be cooperative, as they’re likely with me as a photographer because they want to be there. It’s not like I’m photographing someone at a Congressional hearing who has no desire to be in the hot seat. But with animals, if they don’t want to work with you, it takes a lot of effort and great patience to exact out a shot that might just work for their owner.

The nice thing about this little dog was, though she was a little shy about being photographed, she gave me a couple of opportunities to make the shot. She didn’t growl or make things difficult at all. It seemed like she accepted her fate to sit on the leather cushion and gave me what I needed when she wanted.

Pet photography is just like that some times.

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