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Polar Expeditions


Aaron Linsdau the second only American to ever solo trek to the South Pole on skis, covering over 700 miles.  Everything he needed was in two sleds, dragged across the wastelands of Antarctica.  Along the way, he ran into an amazing assortment of difficulties, putting him up to the ultimate challenge to reach the pole.

Unbelievable sastrugi blockaded him.  Gale force storm winds were routine.  Skiing blind in white-outs across dangerous terrain became a daily activity.  Antarctica is not for the faint of heart.

  • He started without assistance
  • And planned no resupply
  • All doing this alone
Others have done a polar expedition without resupply.  Bjorn Ousland crossed Antarctica in the 1990’s without resupply but he had the aid of a kite.  Others have attempted this and for a myriad of reasons have been stymied.  Injury, weather, timing and training have all contributed to past polar expeditions being picked up at the pole.

Polar Expeditions

Aaron has been on several cold, winter journeys. In 2008, Aaron trekked across the Greenland tundra, from near the ice cap to the coast at Sisimiut. It was his first foray into international expeditioning.

He had never been to the Arctic or Greenland, on a polar expedition, he was unsure of the conditions. Yet he went and did it alone. Why would he do this? Contact him to find out!

Learn about the Antarctic Equipment, Gear, and Kit Aaron used on his record-setting Antarctic expedition.

Major Expeditions

Read more about his emotional Antarctic journey in Antarctic Tearspublished by Sastrugi Press. Learn more about his expeditions to Greenland, through Yellowstone, and how he used those to prepare for Antarctica.Conducting a polar expedition across Antarctica is a major undertaking. Many have shown up to Antarctica to ski over 700 miles without ever trying their skis. What does it take? How does one prepare for such a journey?

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