PCF Donation

Thank you to Elliot Davis for your generous donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation!

Prostate Cancer Foundation

Prostate Cancer Foundation

Your cash donation goes a long way to helping to prevent and ultimately to find a cure for Prostate Cancer.  Every donation to the PCF you make goes to a very worthy cause.  As this disease affects 1 in 6 men, it’s likely you know someone who has had it or has been directly affected by it.

I’ve been stunned how many people this cancer has touched as I have been training.  When I tell people that I am trying to raise awareness for this very curable cancer (95% cure for early detection), most tell me that their husband, brother, coworker, teacher or otherwise has been through this disease.  It’s really quite amazing to learn how prevalent this cancer really is.

All it takes is a little blood draw at your doctor’s office to see what’s going on inside of you.

This is not one of those manly things you can tough out.

If nothing comes up – great, have an adult sparkling beverage.  If something does, talk to your family and research the options with your doctor.  Don’t hide it!  The earlier you know about it, the better your chances of making it through are!

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