Old Wyoming

While skiing through the Melody Creek Ranch area, I was lucky enough to have my 20 megapixel  Sony RX-100 when

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I happened upon this scene. It was one I have photographed before with some satisfaction. However this time, the lower contrast provided by the overcast sun made for a more pleasing photo. There was just enough sun to brighten things up, eliminating the gray, muddy look. And there was not too much direct sun forcing me to choose between holding the shadow detail or retaining the snow grain texture in 15 degree temperatures.

Like the old black and white days, I aimed to expose for the highlights and process for the shadows. I wanted to make sure I held as much detail in the scene. The dynamic range of the landscape was pretty dramatic but the camera held up pretty well. This particular Sony was one that I used in Antarctica with great success, so I knew it would rise to the occasion.

This image gives me the feeling of old Wyoming. That is, the Wyoming before the 70’s, when things were much more rough and tumble. I will continue to work with this buck rail fence and the irrigation wheels to create beautiful photographs, but this one turned out quite satisfying as a black and white.

I was just glad I had an original Sony battery rather than a generic. The generic battery for this camera dies quickly in the cold, temporarily bricking the camera.

Although I wished I’d had it for this scene, skiing with my insane dynamic range Nikon D800 is a pain without a backpack or harness. And, I would have wanted a tripod to squeeze out the most detail available out of that 36 megapixel body. With all that gear, I never would have gotten here in the first place. There’s a  rule that says, “Whatever camera you have with you is the best.”

And, in this case, it looked to be just that.

2 thoughts on “Old Wyoming”

  1. Vicki Linsdau says:

    Did u do a color version of this? I like the old feeling of the picture.

    1. Aaron says:

      The image is only monochromatic blue, so it’s much better in duo-toned black and white.

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