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Thank you so much to Bill Dillon of Jackson Hole Boot and Shoe Repair.  He is our most

Jackson Hole Boot and Shoe Repair

Jackson Hole Boot and Shoe Repair

recent sponsor.  His timely help and guidance in boot matters is going to prove invaluable.

When I purchased my boots from Norway, I had no practical way to find out if the boots fit properly or not until I received them.  At first, the boots fit far better than the previous set that crushed my toe box after three days.  These Alfa Mordre Pro boots did’t have that issue.  But, in an attempt to get the correct width, I had to go with a larger size 45 boot.

That caused heal slip.  After the 3rd day in Yellowstone 2011, my heals were chewed up.

Fast forward to August 2012.  Enter Bill’s shop.

Being extremely knowledgeable about boot matters living in a Wyoming town and also working with firefighting crews all the time, Bill knew exactly what to do.  He made a small addition to my Alfa’s that seemed to make all the difference!

Granted, there’s no snow yet to test things out in long-distance motion.  But, they feel so much better already that I have confidence everything will work out just fine.  I had other shops suggest silly things like stuffing cotton balls in the toes or adding a piece of carpet inside.  Bill’s is the first shop where I felt I was getting a straight and knowledgable answer.

Cotton balls store:

“Yes, we suggest stuffing cotton balls in the toes to adjust the fit.”

“I don’t think that’ll work.  I’m skiing 1500 miles in these things.”

“Oh, don’t worry, it works.  We do it all the time.”

“Ok, thanks.  I’ll ponder it out and let you know.”

No, no.  When I came into Bill’s shop, he knew right away what the problem was and how to make the adjustment.  Another design issue with the boots is there is no ankle grip like my Vasque boots and Bill pointed that out.  Sure enough, that’s also part of what the problem is, too.  I believe I’ve got a solution for that, thanks to his guidance.

Thank you Bill!

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Thank you so much to Steve C., of Alameda, CA, for the generous donation to support this expedition!  Without your financial contribution, it would not be possible to even show