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We just signed on a new sponsor, Micro USA. Thank you very much Arjun Jain (CEO).

Micro USA

Micro USA

Micro USA has a fascinating products. One of them has the ability to see through water from a flying aircraft. At first, this does not sound very exciting. Why can’t you see through water?

The trick is that their camera can actually see into the murky ocean or lake from either an airplane or a helicopter. Water from above the surface, in lakes, oceans or rivers, is nearly opaque. This is due to reflections as well as the contrast and turbidity of the water.

So, if you mount their camera to your aircraft, and you were flying over the ocean, you can see into the water and spot whales, submarines, and any other submerged objects.

One of the interesting safety applications is looking for floating cargo containers. One of the dangers in the open ocean is that containers which have fallen off of cargo ships float just below the water line. They are in invisible from the surface, posing an incredible danger. If you strike them with your boat, you will damage or destroy your vessel and be in danger of sinking.

Now with Micro USA’s camera, it is possible to fly either a fixed wing or a rotary wing aircraft around the coast and look for objects which are floating below the water. This is important to ports like San Diego, as there is lots of pleasure and shipping traffic coming in and out of the harbor all day. If one of these large steel containers floated into that shipping lane, it could do untold damage to numerous crafts.

Also, the company provides engineering services for both new and existing electronic systems.

They have the ability to take malfunctioning electronics of any complexity and upgrade, repair or modernize them. This is very handy when you have a system that is no longer supported by any manufacturer and yet you heavily rely on it.

It’s similar to the Space Cowboys movie, where you may have a system that was designed 40 years ago and the people who made it are no longer around, yet you still need the equipment. Micro-USA can fix this gear and keep you running.

Thank you Micro USA for your support toward helping me become the first American to ski from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole and back without aid or support.

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