New sign

The new vinyl sign is rigged up to the tire. I need to zip tie the top bar together, as it fell off along Carlsbad Village Drive. I knew I’d find it on the way back, as PVC pipe laying on the street doesn’t interest anyone. Sure enough, the bar was laying right in the middle of the sidewalk, waiting for me.

At first I thought I would be self-conscious about the new banner. Then, I realized that I didn’t even think about it, as fighting to drag a tire is all-consuming.

It still feels strange to advertise myself like this. It partially comes from 15 years of writing software, where you do not think about selling the product. You only think about creating it.

Now that I’m partnered with the Prostate Cancer Foundation, I don’t feel like it’s just about me. I want to make sure this expedition serves something bigger than myself, just one human. Since prostate cancer had touched my family, I’ve got a personal stake in the matter.


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