Nearly 2 hours

According to the schedule, I should be at 100 minutes a day of heavy workout. Haha! It’s been fairly easy to make the adjustment to this, but as the time for working out has increased, it’s become clear I’ve got to have most everything on auto-pilot. As I move into the multi-hour workouts, it’s going to get that much more difficult to keep on top of daily chores.

As is, I almost started getting hungry at the end of the session. Good thing I had 3 slices of bacon waiting at home for me.  And the last of my protein drinks from Costco.

My breakfasts are hovering at the 900 calorie mark:

  • Soy milk: 100
  • Bacon (4 slices): 180
  • Butter (3 pats): 108
  • Old fashioned oatmeal: 150
  • High-protein chocolate shake: 160
  • Molases (1/4 cup): 240
  • Craisins: 130
  • Total: 1068 calories before 10am

And now I’m hungry 1/2 hour after.  I think I’ll have 2 boiled eggs.

2 thoughts on “Nearly 2 hours”

  1. Kelly says:

    I’d like to say “I wish I could eat like you” but I already do. Everything but the molasses, which I’m thinking that you ate about 45g of sugar in that 1/4c, helps me loose weight. I don’t count calories, I watch my carb intake. Mostly protein and fiber for me and good carbs in moderation, browns and whole grains. Although the oatmeal is probably a healthy way to gain a little, lotsa carbs but it is high in fiber. Add some more carbs to that meal for some gain and you’ll also remain full a lil longer than 1/2hr. You probably don’t want to be in an intense workout and become famished mid way, especially after you just ate prior. Just becareful of the high sugar, it’s never good for anyone and you’ll start to crave it more and more then what when your in the middle of the Antarctica? K

    1. admin says:

      Oddly, Todd Carmichael told me in an email that he was really sugar powered when he was out there. I know it’s chocolate and the like, not candy bars.

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