Nearing Las Vegas hot

Las Vegas comes to mind for the heat here in Jackson Hole.


Now that it’s in the low 90s, standing in the sun feels like Las Vegas hot. It doesn’t have the sizzling feeling of being in the sun in Phoenix in the summer. It’s not too far off, though.

The smoke from various fires around the region has also obscured the sky. The light is quite reddish well into the late morning. The Tetons, a mere 12 miles away, are nearly obscured. The highest peak, “The Grand”, is over 13,000 ft, too.

As is the trend with locals, discussion of the weather is a constant topic. And, as a native-born of Jackson, I’ll discuss the weather and say I hope the forecast is correct and we get some rain to wash the sky.

I feel sorry for tourists who are not getting the good views they came for. Maybe they’ll get to see some bison.

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