Adversity Expert climbing,Mountain,Pack,Review,Tour,Travel,Trips,video Mountain Climbing Summit Pack Review—Eddie Bauer Highpoint 30 In-Depth

Mountain Climbing Summit Pack Review—Eddie Bauer Highpoint 30 In-Depth

I review the Eddie Bauer Highpoint 30 backpack as a mountain climbing summit pack review. This inexpensive pack has served me well and it’s one of my choices when I climb easy to moderate peaks like Mt. Borah in Idaho or even Mt. Hood in good conditions. I show you the technical aspects, what it can hold, and what it cannot do. I give the good points and the downsides to give a fair and balanced review.

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0:00 Intro
0:40 Disclosure
1:30 Fit on body
2:48 What can it hold?
4:36 Water bladder support
5:13 Top and shoulder straps
7:28 Weight
8:13 Rain cover
9:57 Construction
10:25 Laptop support
11:58 Tech components
14:14 Long ice axe issue
16:11 Gravity check
16:19 Trekking poles
16:54 External bottles
17:16 Zippers
17:25 Crampons
17:52 Zrest storage?
18:38 Bottom straps?
18:44 Compartment balance
19:28 Shovel fit
21:57 Skis?
22:17 Waist strap overview
23:24 Waist strap REAL purpose
23:53 Downside of waist strap design
25:11 Pack volume
25:25 Good for beginners?
26:12 Conclusion

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