Mountain Athlete

Thank you very much to Jordan Smothermon at Mountain Athlete for the great training session.


The facility has all of the classic materials expected a real training gym. No hokey machines – just old school material. It was much more effective I think. I do have to agree with their philosophy that having isolating machines doesn’t really do you a lot of good for the amount of time that you have to put in them.

Kettle bells, barbells, dumbbells, lifting rack, things to stand on, and pads are all around. I saw there were some other tools for more specific training but the basics will take you far, so unless you need something specific, it’s all good.

Jordan was quite good at observing my dead lift technique, so he help me work on that quite a bit. As I have not really done that exercise much at all, it will take some work.

I’m going to do a running session up the local ski mountain and then hit the gear. My goal is to get everything weighed and measured out to make sure I’ve got all my basics and that nothing is missing or needs replacing.

Time is growing short.

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