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Aaron Linsdau's "Never Give In" Presentations

Aaron wants to exceed your organization’s expectations. His programs are available as keynotes and seminars. They can be combined & mixed to create a sensational experience and are an excellent investment for your next event.

Note: All programs can be customized, including titles, to match the theme of your event. Aaron’s goal is to work with you in every way to make your event a success.

Virtual Option

All of Aaron’s presentations are available as a virtual format, live or pre-recorded format.

The presentation can be loaded with your specific graphics and business information, too.

Eat Raw Butter and Ask For More: Change Individuals Into Powerful Contributors

Inspire your organization to achieve great accomplishments with polar explorer Aaron Linsdau. Using the drama of extreme exploration, he shows audiences how to maintain a positive attitude in the face of overwhelming adversity by using stories from his world record expedition to the South Pole in Antarctica.

Your team will take away an understanding of how to persevere through the toughest conditions on the planet and apply them to their challenges. Audience members will learn how to build resilience through Aaron’s approach. They will have a new vision of how to become a peak performer to overcome adversity with this keynote.

Realize the value of:

  • How to overcome challenges with attitude positivity
  • The secret ingredients of grit and courage to build resilience
  • What it takes to persevere through the toughest of times

Aaron’s program is a must-see talk if you want to obtain powerful results. Maximize the individual performance of team members and leaders to reach your organization’s goals.

Available for virtual delivery live or pre-recorded!

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The ABCs of Managing Self-Isolation: Just Eat Your Butter in Tough Times

Managing isolation can be one of the most difficult activities for people. Whether the isolation is self-induced or caused by outside forces, it will negatively impact people without proper guidance. The deterioration of isolated people’s mental state is well documented and the harmful effects can be long-lasting.

Aaron spent three months completely alone in the toughest conditions on the planet. The lessons he teaches from what he learned during his self-induced polar isolation translates well to employee emotional well-being. This program, presented as a webinar keynote, teaches coping mechanisms to isolated managers and workers.

Making sure employees are focused and feeling in control is everything to their well-being. Aaron translates his extreme isolation to the difficulties your team faces today. He provides concrete coping mechanisms for those facing unprecedented challenges in uncertain times.

Takeaways for dramatically improved outcomes:

  • How to create a vision for recovering from uncontrollable circumstances
  • Managing and breaking the destructive boredom-to-anger cycle
  • How to maintain humor in the darkest of circumstances


This program is especially valuable for organizations needing to fulfill continuing education units. It is formatted as a webinar for social distancing and remote communication requirements under quarantine.

Aaron is one of only three Americans who has ever succeeded in reaching the South Pole alone and holds the world record for surviving the longest solo trip to the Pole in Antarctic history.

Available for virtual delivery live or pre-recorded!

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Safety in the Extreme: Every Action Matters

During Aaron’s expedition to the South Pole, he had to manage every aspect of his safety and health every day. It takes constant concentration to avoid life-threatening dangers in extreme environments.

Travel in polar regions alone is like being on Mars – often there’s no one on Earth who can help in the event of an accident. He shares techniques with audiences about how a mindful safety attitude makes all the difference in returning home alive and in one piece in this keynote.

Safety Program Focus

  • Sweat the details – small things make a big difference.
  • Big disasters rarely happen out of nowhere. They start as a series of small mishaps from poor decisions to create life-threatening situations.
  • Avoid safety burnout from complacency – create a Mindful Safety environment 100% of the time.
  • Safety is a personal responsibility. It cannot be delegated to someone else.

Available for virtual delivery live or pre-recorded!

Conference Calls and Site Visits

Aaron delivers the best possible speech focused on the safety challenges you face. If it’s possible to have a conference call with team leadership about the speech, all the better. This helps build confidence in the message and ensures Aaron knows the points you need him to focus on.

If it’s possible for Aaron to visit your site prior to the speech, that’s great! He can make it happen. When he can see the risks your organization faces, Aaron can weave in the site aspects into the speech for greater impact. Safety burn-out and complacency are huge issues that Aaron addresses.

Aaron uses stories from his worldwide expeditions to bring home the points of his high energy talk. This keynote program is perfect for organizations who require regularly scheduled safety training. Bring in Aaron to educate and entertain your staff about how safety isn’t just a topic, it’s a lifestyle. Book Aaron for your next training today!

Bonus for Booking the Safety Training Keynote

Aaron produces weekly safety tip videos and delivers them to your organization’s inbox. If you book Aaron for his safety keynote, you will receive one month of scheduled videos as a bonus. These can be customized with your organization’s logo, too! Read about and sign up for the safety video series here.

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The Road to Eagle Scout: The Value of the Scouting Program

Book Eagle Scout Aaron Linsdau for your next Scouting fundraiser. Aaron used skills & lessons he learned while in Boy Scouts in his career and on his expeditions. Without this valuable training, he would not have accomplished what he did.

The Boy Scout program has taught millions of boys to be leaders. The original Baden Powell program has changed over the years but the mission of the program has not. Instill values, build confidence, and raise your event value with this keynote.

Available for virtual delivery live or pre-recorded!

“That was one of the finest events as a Scouter I’ve ever seen, even in the midst of this adversity and pandemic.Aaron, you knocked it out of the park, period!”

Chris Vaughan, ‘74, Eagle Award Dinner Organizer, Scoutmaster,
Scouts BSA Troop 654, San Diego-Imperial Council BSA

Realize the value of:

  • The value of the Scouting program
  • What earning the rank of Eagle Scout really means
  • Why the program is more relevant and important today than ever

Aaron’s program will help bring in contributors and is an excellent addition to your event. Contact him to see what he can do for you to promote, entertain, and add value.

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School Program (K-12): Build Courage to Achieve Greatness


Every student needs motivation, hope, and confidence that they can succeed. Aaron inspires audiences with his record-breaking expedition to the South Pole. He teaches success, perseverance, and ambition to students with his gripping expedition stories. Both students and staff will be inspired with a vision for their lives, to become their own personal explorer. They’ll learn the answer to “WHY do this?”, what it took, and what the happy unintended consequences were.

Expected Outcomes

Students and staff will be inspired that they can achieve accomplishments beyond their wildest dreams. History, geography, and health are woven into Aaron’s talk. Not only will students be inspired to greatness, they’ll have fun learning. The talk teaches that spirit, courage, and perseverance determine success, not gender or background. All will be frozen to their seats, feel like they’re in Antarctica, and be inspired to do their own amazing things from this keynote.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn what hard work in school can do for students
  • Become motivated to never give up despite setbacks
  • Inspire a can-do attitude
    Blow away gender stereotypes for young women


  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Perseverance
  • Value of education

Available for virtual delivery live or pre-recorded!

Appropriate for all grades, age, & audiences

Never Give Up!