More Mac stuff – Finder folder ordering

In an attempt to become more efficient at using my Mac, I’ve had to search for a way

Control-J Window

Control-J Window

to view my files in a more organized way in the Finder.  The default is alphabetical with every file type and folder mixed in.  That’s not how I think.  Normally, I’m traversing file structures and drilling down.  That’s what eats up the most time.

On the PC, I always had everything sorted by folders first, then each type of file is together and then those files are sorted alphabetically.  It worked really well and I was able to move quickly.

On my Mac, I found how to arrange by kind in Finder.  Hit Command-J and it’ll bring up the sorting window.  You can also do this by going to View – Arrange by – Kind.  And that’ll give you listing by types.  But to get to alphabetical sorting inside of the Kind type, go to View – Show View Options.  There you can control both the Arrangement and Sorting.

Sorted by type and alphabetical

Sorted by type and alphabetical

I don’t know why Mac has them separate.  Maybe it’s how it’s been done forever.

It’s nice but then all of the files are seemingly sorted randomly – that was annoying.  Then, finally, I found where you can not only group items by type but then also sort those items alphabetically in their type category.

Finally, nirvana!

Alas, I’ve not been able to find a way to run that sort of sorting by applying it to all folders.  I prefer to view the folders in columns, making it the most similar to the tree view in Windows.  Sadly, the option to select apply to all folders is missing.  You can select this viewing fashion to icons and list but not columns.  At least that I can see right now.

At least I’ve got the type viewing in alphabetical working.

Arrange by menu

Arrange by menu

Also, you might find when you use this setup that the order is reversed.  If you click on the column heading, the sort order will change from Z-A to A-Z.  Problem solved.

On my kind and then alphabetically inside each kind.  On the Mac, I found where I could sort by kind but everything was out of alphabetical order.

That’s annoying!

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