Maybe it’s me

It’s so strange. When I wiggle the bike just right I can feel like the whole frame is oscillating. And yet, but doesn’t appear to be anything wrong.

I had one of my buddies who is very good with mechanical stuff (mechanical engineering degree) check it out and didn’t notice anything, so this might all be in my head.

May be that my butt is too big and it’s setting up things just right to be like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

In any case, I rode around Miramar Lake twice and didn’t really notice anything. It may be just that I have not been in the saddle for a while and it’s bothering me.

Then again, it was good to ride on the flats instead of the local hills in Carlsbad, as my knee was starting to bug me from a yoga class. I over did it just a little bit.

Hills are way better for training but if the joints aren’t fully up to snuff, things will fall apart very quickly.

One of the fun parts of riding that day was it was right before a storm and it was very windy. The crosswinds are so strong I can actually feel it shoving my front wheel around. It makes it exciting since you’re riding on top of the dam.

I tested out my knee this evening powered it to the beach and back around trip of just under 9 miles. I only powered myself with a few dates and it PBJ sandwich just to see what I had in me. Actually, I only bonked out about half a mile from home and really slowed down. That was really impressive. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches really do have some serious capacity in them.


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