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Map of expedition start

Here’s a link to the map I’ll be starting with:
Patriot Hills Map

From Hercules Inlet, I’ll head for the Wilson Nunatak to avoid the huge crevasse field to the east of it. In 2003, a female Canadian soloist fell in a bug crevasse and had to be rescued, as she almost perished.

As the ice pushes to the coast, it tears, leaving big cracks. Also, when ice goes over ridges, it does the same. All areas to be vigilant about.

Once I reach the Nunatak, I’ll turn and head for the middle of Horseshoe Valley where I’ll then target Redpath Peaks, keeping the 3 sails well on my left, yet avoiding Patriot Hills, as it’s laced with crevasses (hashed blue lines).

Once I’m past Redpath Pass, I’m clear until a big crevasse field at:
S 87 deg 30.640′
W 082 deg 27.770′
Where I have to stay well west of it. There’s also one at:
S 87 deg 12′
To stay west of as well.
I won’t be there until late November I’m guessing.

I heard people getting ready to wake everyone last night, banging on doors and such. Should be exciting!

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