List of file names on a Mac

Finder file section

Finder file sectionList 

List of file names on Mac

Sometimes when I’m working with images, I need to create a file name listing for a copyright registration, contract, or the like. There are many ways to do this using Terminal or an app. Getting a listing of file names can seem like a daunting task, as you think you might even have to type each one up.

But it’s possible to forego all of that and use a simple copy and paste. It’s a Mac after all.

In Finder, go to the folder you want the names of the file, select all the files you need the names for, and hit COMMAND+C or go to Edit-Copy.

File names in Textedit

File names in Textedit

Then open a new file in Textedit (A capable text editor built into the Mac) and then select Edit->Paste and Match Style.

Voila. You will have the names of the files you selected in Finder, ready in a handy text file. Nothing complex, no terminal interaction, just file in names in a few simple steps.

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