Kelly warm springs in weather

There was some great weather the Kelly Warm Springs, north of the town of Kelly, north of Jackson. Three Geese at Kelly Warm Springsgeese were doing their best to wander through the blasting snow chunks and make their way into the warm spring water. It was fun to be in the bad, blowing weather and feel that really warm water.

The blasting snow, blending into a total whiteout, made road travel impossible north of the springs. I loved it, as the stinging snow made me feel like I was in Antarctica again. That was, minus being in a vehicle with heat with any other life forms for hundreds of miles.

Cloud formationsWhile driving back to Jackson, we came across some fun cloud formations. I usually don’t see shapes but I’ll admit I actually see something in this one.

I’m looking forward to teaching the second of my strobe photography classes at the Art Center starting tomorrow. I always enjoy helping students learn about their cameras and how to make more effective photographs.

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  1. Vicki Linsdau says:

    So glad u could see something in the clouds!

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