Off-Camera Strobe



Introduction to Off-Camera Strobe Flash Photography is a great introductory course. You will be exposed to the techniques and tools professional photographers use to manage their image lighting.

We start off with the very basics and take you to the point of being confident in managing shots with your off-camera strobe. Whether you are a NikonCanonSony, or any other camera owner, you will gain a great deal of knowledge out of this course.


You will actually be able to use your camera and your strobe in this course, shooting subjects and models. This is not just a class based on lectures. Rather, it is a hands-on. You will learn and have a better understanding of your camera controls. We will shoot in Manual, too.

If you have never tried Manual, you will  learn to manage your DSLR (or any other body with a hot shoe or PC-sync) camera and become comfortable using it.

Texture lighting
Texture lighting

There is lots of time for questions and instructor interaction. You will learn the different types of portraiture lighting, how to manage your shadows, and learn visualization techniques that will improve your photographic skills. If you have been uncomfortable using your camera in anything but Automatic mode, this is a great class.

As the material is oriented toward flash photographers, you will learn to take advantage of the flash you own. And, if you don’t own a flash but have a camera with a hot shoe, you will still be gain a lot from the class. Aaron will show you how to shoot with your camera and the class strobe equipment.

Included topics the class covers

  • Size of light relative to subject
  • Subject and background balance
  • Ambient light management and balance
  • Triggering types and techniques
  • How to capture fast-moving scenes
Flash photography introduction DVD
Flash photography introduction DVD

Course catalog description

Class Description:  In this class, you will learn how to use an off-camera flash to make spectacular images.  You will be shown tips and tricks that are used by professional photographers to get those “wow” shots.  There will be multiple technique demonstrations.  After this class, you will be comfortable using off-camera flash.  With the knowledge learned from this class, you will be able to seriously step up your photographic game.

While having a camera & flash in class is not required, students will find having them helpful.

Get the DVD for this class. Learn about off-camera flash photography from the comfort of your home.
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