Adversity Expert Cave,park,Tour,Travel,Trips,underground,video,Wind Incredible Underground Wind Cave National Park Highlights

Incredible Underground Wind Cave National Park Highlights

Travel with me to enjoy Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota. This cave system is massive and is only 5-10% explored. No one has the slightest clue how big it really is. However, there are some fun tours that visitors can enjoy to get a taste of the underground world of caves and spelunking in a controlled environment.
Make sure to show up very early in the morning. Tours often sell out in a few hours. Summers are busy and tours are packed. Show up early and be prepared.

1:38 Natural Entrance
3:04 Natural Entrance Tour
4:47 Museum
7:25 Garden of Eden Tour
8:07 Wind Cave Map
8:55 Fairgrounds Tour
11:05 Final views

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