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Impressive statistics

After posting the video and blog link on Vilborg, I was blown away by the

Vilborg video traffic effect

Vilborg video traffic effect

response I received.  Vilborg said it was the number two blog posting on that day in Iceland – not too bad of a mark to hit.

When I made the video for her, I didn’t think about the traffic it would generate.  Only that I’d hope she might use it for her next expedition or project she’s working on.  When I only have a few moments to make a video shoot in the literal middle of nowhere, I’m always thinking back to how I could have done better or made things more impressive.

Maybe Antarctica makes it impressive in its own right.  Being out in the big empty was a spectacular experience, especially as it was my first major polar expedition.

I had trekked across Greenland on the Arctic Circle Trail in 2008 – that was my first polar experience.  (Contact Mads Phil for more data on the trek, as he’s a good source of info and lives in Sisimiut).  It was a hundred miles from

Kattifik Cabin, Greenland

Kattifik Cabin, Greenland

Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut through the Greenland Arctic tundra, a serious wilderness slog. This trip was a little edgier, as I had zero outside world communication.  No satellite phone, no VHF or HF radio.  If something went wrong, which it did, I was all on my own out there.  Perhaps it was good mental training for being relatively self-contained in Antarctica.

At least there were no rivers to fall into in Antarctica.

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