For the past two days I have not been that hungry. I look at food and I feel like I need it but after a couple bites, it just doesn’t do anything for me. It’s rather annoying.

I have experienced this when trekking before, when I know I need lots of calories but nothing looks particularly
appetizing. That is the one thing you have to learn – sometimes you just have to pack it down even though you’re not feeling it.

This is doubly troublesome when I need to be gaining about a pound a week and I’m not been making a lot of headway. The last few days before this, I was actually doing well hitting my 4000 cal a day target.

Normally I had a lot of fruits and vegetables during the day, at least when I’m at a desk job. Doing this wildly high calorie diet might just have run me into the wall.

It is either that or I since I throttled it back to 70 minute workouts a day, my body is revolting a little bit. This is all a very interesting experiment to try and get used to eating large amounts of food and gaining weight.


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