HumanEdgeTech Sponsor

Thank you HumanEdgeTech, a division of Explorersweb, for your generous sponsorship!



HumanEdgeTech is a leading provider of electronics for expeditions used throughout the world.  They were referred to me by Todd Carmichael, who holds the speed record for unassisted, unaided and unguided travel from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole.

I contacted HumanEdgeTech some time ago to find out what it would take to make my expedition successful.  Over a series of emails and phone calls, the staff at HumanEdgeTech guided me to what I will need to make sure I meet ALE’s communication requirements as well as stay in contact with those back home.

The company has the lastest in satellite phones, transponders, solar cells and other equipment to keep expeditioners in contact.  People all around the world rely on HumanEdgeTech to communicate.

HumanEdgeTech has been extremely helpful in this process and I look forward to meeting them in Jackson to discuss their experiences and swap stories!

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